“Welp, there’s two in there.”

Those words hit without warning.

“There’s two in there.”

In February 2017 my husband and I excitedly attended our first doctor’s visit after a (like, ten) positive pregnancy test(s). Not knowing what we were waking into, we eagerly hopped out of our chairs in the waiting room when the ultrasound tech called our name. I wish I could hop back in time and let future Brittany tell myself to take a deep breath. Maybe lie down. Have a cold glass of water. Future Brittany would’ve let me know that I was about to get the shock of my life…which is more of a heads up than I received from the ultrasound tech.

Within the first five seconds of the ultrasound the tech verbally slapped us with a quite nonchalant “Welp, there’s two in there.”  Pardon? Come again? Excusez-moi? There can’t be TWO “in there” (is that the medical term?) because twins DON’T run in my family. NO ONE  has twins. I sat and nervously giggled because that’s how I know to respond in stressful situations. My husband sat silent with the occasional uttering of “no way”.  It was hard to see his exact facial expressions in such a dark room, but the glow from the ultrasound screen did provide enough light to see the sweat beads that had formed across his forehead.

The tech then proved to us we were in fact expecting twins. I was 9 weeks along, and although I was terrified, on the screen I saw the two most perfect little alien shaped blobs I had ever seen. Somewhere in me I knew everything was going to be just fine, and life was about to get a lot more interesting.

I decided to write this blog with the hopes for offering mamas tips and encouragement. Whether you’re a new, veteran, or soon to be mama, I hope you can use this blog connect and relate, feel encouraged, and maybe even learn something here or there. In my next post, I will write about what to expect in those first couple weeks with baby(ies), and the products we couldn’t live without.

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram at blwalker_528

ps there’s like 6 sets of twins in my family.

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